Club1 is a place where you can exclusively find NFT collections of your favorite Creators, streamers, YouTubers, gamers, singers and athletes.

Club1 membership

Club1 membership is yours as soon as you buy your first NFT on the Club1 platform, and is valid as long as you own at least 1 NFT!

Some of the benefits for all Club1 members

• Airdrop of future NFT collections • Free merchandise • Trips and exclusive events

Exclusive NFT collections

Each NFT collection is personalized and made in collaboration with the owner of the collection - your favorite Creators, streamers, YouTubers, gamers, singers and athletes.


Why mint Club1 NFT Collections?

You become one of the rare NFT holders from the collection
You get various benefits that the Creator announces
You help the owner of the collection to create even better quality content
An NFT is more valuable the longer you hold it
You are part of the Club1 community and get additional benefits
You invest in the latest technology

Want your own NFT collection?

How to get your NFT collection if you are an Creator or a brand representative?

Send us an email with all the requested information and the Club1 team will get back to you ASAP.

Why Club1?

Quality art

• The best 2D & 3D artists • Animations and AR experiences • OpenSea integration

Sustainable technology

• Carbon neutral blockchain • Over $400,000 in carbon offsets • Optimized low-gas smart contracts

Great NFT buying user experience

• Integrated wallet creation • Simple purchase of cryptocurrencies • Favorable rates for Club1 users